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Need some advice on writing your CV?

Your CV is your chance to sell your skills and experience and show them you’re the right person for the job. Here are some of our top suggestions for crafting the perfect CV:

How to succeed during your interview

Interviews come in all shapes and sizes, varying from a short ten-minute meeting to an hour-long conference with more than one interviewer. Either way, to ensure a smooth, successful interview, you’ll need to know how to be prepared. Read our top interview tips:

Top 10 questions to ask during an interview

In today’s competitive environment, you’ll need to stand out. By asking your interviewer questions, you’ll be showcasing your added interest and your ability to shine amongst the others candidates. To ensure that you don’t ask the wrong questions (or none at all!) we’ve compiled this short list of possible areas of interest for you to pursue during that big moment:

Five things to know about a company before an interview

Securing that all-important job interview is only the mere beginning of an extremely competitive process. You can almost guarantee that there’ll be a handful of candidates looking to steal the spotlight, and your applied position. You’ll need to be prepared, to succeed. Remember, employers take note of candidates that are knowledgeable, not only on the job, but also on the company itself.

Answering that curve-ball question

Interviews, a common hatred (mostly) amongst job seekers. However, they can be entertaining. Some interviewers, depending on their style and the job itself, may include a bizarre or surreal question(s) that can often stump and totally surprise the interviewee. Whilst most interviews follow a tried, tested and structured routine, some may include that curve-ball question that will (upon answering) demonstrate an element of creativity, spontaneity and logical thinking.