About JATO

JATO is a market-leading global business, with a presence in more than 50 countries, and an ever-expanding global reach. With over thirty years of industry experience, JATO help their customers create significant competitive advantage, using data to make informed decisions and respond swiftly and effectively to market changes.

JATO’s story begins in 1984

At that time, the automotive industry had reached a crucial phase in its development. The notion of globalisation had reached a tipping point and automotive manufacturers were actively looking to develop their presence in new international territories.

The need for knowledge of the global market-place, of the competitor vehicles, their specifications and prices became even more essential.

Our Founder, Jake Shafran, was one of the first to appreciate the transformative power of information and insight in this new environment.

JATO today is a market-leading and truly international business with operations in dozens of overseas markets, and a global reach and knowledge is now one of the company’s key strengths.

Life at JATO

The story of JATO is a story of success, which would not have been possible without their people. Their working culture is founded on strong values, which is it at the heart of the way they do business.

Our working culture is founded on strong values, which sit at the heart of the way we do business

JATO actively encourage new ideas and ways of working. They provide their people with great career development opportunities, using innovative tools and processes to maximise individual capability and support professional and personal development.

Omega Resource Group are working in partnership with JATO as part of their growth ambitions and are currently recruiting for a range of vacancies in the Phillipines.